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Flying Gadgets Battle UFO Red

Flying Gadgets Battle UFO Red 
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  • Flying Gadgets Battle UFO Red thumbnail 


Brand: Flying Gadget
Product Code: 3440
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Worldwide exclusive Battle UFO helicopter. Fight battles with infra red rays. The controllers have simulated laser sounds. As you shoot each other's UFO, one of the flashing LED lights around the UFO extinguishes, until you have no lights and fall out the sky. The UFO resets and off you go again. Incredible fun for two people. The limited edition can only be used with the twin pack.

The Flying Ball Is a UFO style helicopter great for indoor flying as the propellers are enclosed, a good choice for beginners as it is easy to fly, Fantastic Ball Structure,3.5 Channels, Infra-Red Transmitter (Up to 3 models flown at the same time channels A/B/C),100% Ready to fly.

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